Vision about health has always been distorted by presence or absence of disease. While Bhartiya visionaries, since time immemorial, have visualized health as Sansakar yukt life style. Sanskar of eating right food in right ratio, of working and taking rest in right ratio, making affectionate relations with each other with other living being and with nature. Disease in Bhartiya philosophy is result of malfunctioning of body defence. This is in accordance with most modern concept of health which interprets health in four ways viz- Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual well being. Thus modern medical science relates gastric ulcer with mental tension. Corona is related to absence of clean life style. Diabetes, Hypertension, Anemia and heart disease are related to distorted food habits and improper ratio between physical work, exercise and rest. This distorted vision, knowledge and practices about health have percolated in the villages too in addition to the ghost and demon practices for treatment. Our mission is to enrich the knowledge of rural people so that they may act socially and autonomously to develop environment in the villages congenial to healthy life and make them self dependent as far as possible to treat diseases. In Addition to this teleconsultation services of urban medical Consultants is provided through telemedicine at the doorsteps of rural patients.