TeleMedicine Anubhav Kathan

I am Rina Pradhan, Telemedicine Sanyojika, of Khamar, DistAngul, Odisha. 

Mrs. Sumitra Kisan , age- 45 living in the village Ghenakani , PS – Khamar , Dist. – Angul was suffering from chronic arthritis ( Bata Byadhi ) since more than 5 years and was treated in her village itself by the quacks and the age old traditional witchcraft practiceners with no result . She was not able to perform her daily household works properly and some times lying in bed for more than 10 – 15 days in a month . Her husband is a daily labour and do not get work all the time in a month . She has 3 daughters and one son . The son is younger one and in the home without any education.

During last January Mrs. Sumitra was identified by the Sevika Ms. Kamini of Arogya Telemedicine project and informed me about her. I took the history and sent to Tele health Doctor for diagnosis and prescription .

As per the advice of the doctor Mrs. Sumitra was under medication for more than a couple of months. Now she is cured from the disease since last 2 months and able to walk freely and leading a normal life.

For all these efforts Mrs. Sumitra is highly obliged to telemedicine and telling others to take advantage which is affordable with nominal cost.


I am Ms Shantilata Behera of village Saala , PS – Khamara , Dist. – Angul, a Sanjojika in EKAL TELEMECINE project supported by Arogya Foundation of India in remote rural tribal area and am working in the project since 2017.

In the year 2009 ,Mr Mahendra Kumar Behera , aged 16 years , my only son suffered an injury on his forehead and upper portion of face in a bike accident in the evening hours .With severe injuries he was admitted to the Govt. PHC. As he didn’t improve there after two days he was admitted in a private Nursing home at Cuttack which is 200 km from the native area and was expensive too .

During the treatment I sold all my ornaments including some part of cultivable lands to meet the hospital and medicine expenses Later Manoj sufferedd from psychiatric illness with multiple complications till 2017 and underwent various medication with no result In due course of time I heard about Telemedicine.

Project which was about to be lunched in my area . I joined the project and health workers training at Bhubaneswar organize d by Ekal Arogya Foundation by the expert trainers of health sector , Odisha . After that I was appointed as a telemedicine Sanjojika of 10 villages.

Mahendra was the first patient of this Telemedicine project / program and with the supervision of expert doctors and medication for a couple of months was cured. Now since more than 2 years Mahendra is able to perform his normal duty and helping the family .

I am the lone bread earner of my family and working tirelessly for others in the villages around me. Now I am recognized as a health provider in the area and feel highly obliged for the effort of Ekal Arogya Foundation of India for the people as much as for curing illness of my son..

Telemedicine – Medical expert at door steps

I am Santoshi Devi, Arogya Sanyojika of ARC Silli in Ramgarh district in Jharkhand Since 2015 . In the begining I worked to monitor Arogya yojana in 10 villages of the ARC and the Arogya Sevika of these villages. Due to the rigorous training we received we were able to treat 2,126 patients during 4 years of my tenure through the Sevika and myself.

But in 2019 April I was asked to Join telemedicine project for those very 10 villages. I was scared in the beginning becausewe had no experience of working with Allopathic doctors and more over to take BP , temperature, pulse, test in Hemoglobin, sugar and urine that too independently was a challenge for me but rigorous and repeated trainings in Ranchi by senior doctors, software engineers and in the field by our Nodal doctors gave me lot of confidence.

In the very beginning I had to travel on foot around 20 kms taking with me all the equipments – BP instrument, weight machine, tablets, HB meter, analysis strips, stethoscope etc. But later I learned to drive scooty and purchased one also but I see the difficulties of my other colleagues who are still doing the same labour.