दैहिक दैविक भौतिक तापा|रामराज नहीं काहुहि ब्यापा|

(In the kingdom of Ram nobody suffers from physical, mental, social and spiritual infirmity)
Now this is the ultimate goal which is ideal but more important than this is second line without which these aims cant’s be achieved.
सब नर करहिं परस्पर प्रीती|चलहिं स्वधर्म निरत श्रुति नीती||

(All the citizens follow the rule of state and also of divinity.They are part of well nit social fabric of mutual affection).
Our goal is to stress the second one which means that everybody fulfils his duty. Thus we aim:-
– To have soak pits in every rural household
– To have compost pit in every house, Cattle yard and field
– Functioning toilet in every house
– safe drinking water available for each family
– Every village equipped with one medicinal garden
– Every household equipped with a nutritional garden
– Every village would have one active self-dependent Arogya Sevika connected to telemedicine network.
– Every person of the village whether child or elderly practicing yoga as a routine.
– Every family participating in Satsang for spiritual health.

  • To achieve all this targets we intend to Educate ideal concept of health.
  • These targets aim to bring about :-
  • Reduction in Morbidity
  • Reduction in IMR (Infant Mortality Rate)
  • Reduction in MMR (Mother Mortality Rate)