Health Foundation for Rural India (HFRI) was established in the United States in July 2014. HFRI is a non-profit organization working to provide resources to rural and tribal villages, to make people self- reliant and self-sufficient for their healthcare needs. Medical camps are conducted in villages to spread awareness and provide medical attention.

HFRI is an important limb of “EKAL ABHIYAN”, which includes three segments, rural education (Ekal Vidyalaya), health care for rural villages (HFRI in USA and Arogya Foundation of India) and economic development of villages (Ekal Gramotthan).

HFRI Initiatives In USA

  • Develop model to inspire medical and non medical people to join this great mission by arranging health seminars, health meet and invite guest speakers and health coordinators.
  • HFRI medical internship initiative, connects West & East by taking premedical / medical / paramedical students from USA to medical schools and hospitals to get exposure to Indian medical system, common tropical disease and village health & culture.
  • Provide platform for researcher / medical student from USA to work in Indian rural villages.
  • Write for grants to health foundations and Corporations in USA.
  • HFRI works with EA team in India and collects fund for them.

Power OF Health Gala Report

A brief Report of the Event presented by Anand Agarwala.

HFRI - Premedical Internship - 2017

The second HFRI internship for premedical students was held at Ranchi from December 27, 2016 to January 7, 2017. Five students from well known universities in USA joined this program, in India. This being our second year of premed internship program, past experience of 2016 helped us greatly to effectively plan, organize, and conduct this years' efforts. The program was mentored by Sri Dinesh Modh and Dr. Veena S. Gandhi from USA, while Dr. Madhukar Bhatt and Dr. Mukul Bhatia participated from India. The highlight was an address by the renowned Ayurvedic physician in Dr. Mishra, an author of several Ayurvedic books, who made the subject or our heritage of Ayurvedic Science very exiting and informative for our interns.